• Thank you & hello again

    Hello lovelies, I am learning to turn my “I’m sorry” messages into “thank you’s” and here is one for all of you. I could apologize for my lack of content or how M.I.A I went on my socials, but why apologize when I’m becoming a better version of myself? Instead, I would like to say thank you for asking about… View Post

    Thank you & hello again
  • 5 Reminders for Self-Worth

    And in the death of her reputation, she truly felt alive.” – Taylor Swift Hello lovelies! I rarely post anything too intimate or personal on my blog, but in the past school year & specifically these past few months, I experienced waves of highs and lows. There were times when I felt so loved and adored, and believed everything in my… View Post

    5 Reminders for Self-Worth
  • Review: Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better, Madisen Kuhn

    “you and i, we are linked in love and the energy that steadily courses through the universe. we are trying.” I’ve always adored Madisen’s writing and I’m so glad her latest book didn’t disappoint! Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better focuses on the transition from being nineteen to twenty and all of the obstacles in between. As I read… View Post

    Review: Please Don’t Go Before I Get Better, Madisen Kuhn
  • A Dreamer…

    a dreamer, she was always so sure, angelic and curious, she danced amongst pages of prose, and believed in happy endings, tied neatly in a few words, held together by a single period. Photos taken by Rodolfo Torres (IG: @_rodolfotorres) Romper: Forever 21 Denim Jacket: Cotton On xoxo, Eliz

    A Dreamer…
  • Love, Simon Premiere

    Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck on a Ferris wheel. One minute I’m on top of the world, then the next I’m at rock bottom” Hi lovelies, I got to attend the Love, Simon premiere with my roommate, Joe, and OH MY GOD GUYS, MY HEART IS SO FULL AND CONTENT BECAUSE OF THIS MOVIE. I literally cried happy tears… View Post

    Love, Simon Premiere