• Love, Simon Premiere

    Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck on a Ferris wheel. One minute I’m on top of the world, then the next I’m at rock bottom” – Simon Spier, Love Simon Hi lovelies, I got to attend the Love, Simon premiere with my roommate, Joe, and OH MY GOD GUYS, MY HEART IS SO FULL AND CONTENT BECAUSE OF THIS MOVIE.… View Post

    Love, Simon Premiere
  • Habits for a Happier Soul

    I have found that when you love life, life will love you back.” – Arthur Rubinstein Hi lovelies, For the past month, I have been trying to improve my mood and well-being by changing my routine and creating habits that are good for me. I know that as humans, we all naturally follow a routine and struggle to break bad… View Post

    Habits for a Happier Soul
  • Self-Care Practices + Essentials

    “I hope you find the kind of happiness that exists on your own terms. I hope you truly take the time to figure out what moves you, what encourages your soul, what you deeply crave from life, and I hope you have the courage to chase that. I hope you have the courage to believe that you are deserving of… View Post

    Self-Care Practices + Essentials
  • I’m Learning That “Adulting” is Hard + Some Other Stuff About Myself

    Hey lovelies! Since starting my second year of college, turning nineteen, and moving into my apartment, I have learned that I, Eliz, may or may not have been ready to “adult”. I wrote “adult” in parentheses because I do not truly feel like an adult, since I still feel like a child (until I am reminded by my empty kitchen… View Post

    I’m Learning That “Adulting” is Hard + Some Other Stuff About Myself
  • Review: Flux, Orion Carloto

     “Indulge in these words as if they were meant for you” As a huge fan of Orion Carloto, I almost graciously danced around my bedroom when this book landed in my hands. I’ve been obsessed with Orion’s work since I was a sophomore in high school. She was everything my fifteen year old self wanted to be. She made witty… View Post

    Review: Flux, Orion Carloto